Monday, 25 February 2008

A Video of D@sher

I've just (semi)finished working on a blur effect, which makes sure that the objects most immediately selectable are rendered "sharp" while less interesting objects are made "out of focus".

I love using XNA, but for most people, it's been a real pain to get all the required installs going. Indies really don't need that extra hurdle (because every single hurdle tends to distract 50% of your audience from actually downloading and trying your stuff). If I had to ask MS one thing for XNA, it would be to make it easier to compile everything the end user needs into a distributable download.

For that reason, here's a video, which I can now upload easily, because after 3 years of begging, we finally got broadband (wireless) in our technology black-hole.

In other news, I'm currently fishing around for jobs. I've got one interview coming up, which I am fully expecting to fail: I'm under no illusions as to how hard it is to get a game designer/game play programmer job. Hopefully this prototype will show a little bit of my acumen (though it IS a prototype, so I hope they're not too mean).

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Raigan said...

wait, what happened to a path through possibility!? i'm confused!