Saturday, 15 March 2008

Ah jeez

Looks like I got a job!

I start next week, so I guess I have to wrap things up with this blog for the time being. The company itself has its own blog, so I may simply cross post anything that goes on there from here. And for once, it doesn't seem like a sales-man style blog - it feels more like the .plan files of ye olden dayes.

And I know, I know. Me saying "I'm not going to update much anymore" is a bit redundant, and my absence will not be noted.

I still feel like I have a few worthwhile posts to put out, and eventually I'll get to them, assuming I'm not too busy on prepping the thing I'm working on which I can't talk about.

Jeez, what a total non-post! Sorry. I fail at blogging.


JC Barnett said...

Hope you'll let us know the company and, specifically, the blog for us to check out.

Anonymous said...

Well hey, congratulations on the new job :)

Bez said...

Thanks all.

JC: Erm. Intentionally left out.